Welcome to Davcon Energy

Expert industry knowledge, experience and gas solutions in Kent - Davcon Energy a company you can trust

We assist industrial and commercial high volume energy users in controlling their gas supply management in Kent and the South East, offering specialist gas industry advice and solutions to both the physical and commercial aspects of gas utilisation. With over 30 years of experience in our industry, we are well placed to lend our knowledge and experience to your individual situation. We are:

  • A member of the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers
  • At Incorporated Engineer (IEng) level

Are you a:

  • High volume natural gas user in the industrial and commercial sector?
  • Gas transporter?
  • Natural gas supplier/shipper?
  • Meter asset manager?
  • Utility infrastructure provider?
  • Contractor or consultant organising natural gas supplies?

We can support you whether you are paying too much for your gas or service, in negotiations with your gas supplier, experiencing technical difficulties or looking to upgrade your gas infrastructure. We are specialist mediators between gas users and suppliers who can resolve physical connection issues & commercial disputes and offer independent advice.

We can diagnose gas connection and infrastructure problems, i.e. resolve pressure and capacity issues, organise new connections and upgrades and work with third parties to deliver solutions. Ask us to advise you in regards to regulatory and legal compliance, we always ensure that you receive the commercial and physical supply of gas that you need.

We carry out comprehensive gas surveys in Kent and the surrounding areas. We determine any supply problem, how this problem could be solved and the appropriate actions required. We will manage the relationship between service providers and the end user and ensure that the desired outcome is reached.

Our specialism lies in the technicalities of transmission, local distribution, metering and the utilisation of natural gas. Committed to delivering maximum value, we offer you commercial, economic, strategic and policy advice of the highest quality.

We focus on delivering the right solution for our clients in order to save them both time and money when looking for the resolution of a natural gas related issue. Contact Davcon Energy today to discuss your individual needs.